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Zefal Dooback 2 Mirror (Left)

Zefal Dooback 2 Mirror (Left)

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The Dooback II mirror can be folded away and is ideal for leisure or city use whilst also being compatible with e-Bikes.

The mirror is very large and is made in France using an unbreakable material.

Material: Chrome ABS which is unbreakable

Weight: 56 g

Mounting: Bar end fitting

Orientation: Fully adjustable

Mirror: Convex

Size of the mirror: 56 cm²

Handlebar Ø: 16 mm - 22 mm

  • E-BIKE FRIENDLY - Compatible electric bike.
  • SOLID MATERIALS - The mirrors are made of unbreakable ABS chrome and therefore are not dangerous in the event of a fall.
  • LARGE MIRROR - Great visibility.
  • DOUBLE ADJUSTMENT AT 360° - Orientation tailored to your position.
  • FOLDABLE - For storage and protection of the mirror.